Our focus on sustainability raises an awareness for both the wide range of options that fashion designers will face in their future careers, as well as the responsibility that designers incur in their professional role. Many questions are raised and discussed in our seminars, in which invited specialists offer input at a high professional level to provide our participants with the best possible information, in order to enable them to make independent, responsible design decisions in their individual design processes.

- raising awareness for sustainable design and production strategies
- raising awareness for working conditions in the garment and textile industry
- encouraging participation within the local industry, trade and crafts
- facilitating local and international networks
- cultural exchange, working in tandem teams and cooperation on an equal footing

- researching local and international distribution and sustainable production opportunities
- internationalisation through an exchange of experiences on a personal level
- professional development and contacts through cooperations with the fashion industry 
- professional qualification in the areas of sustainability, fair trade and local production
- looking at the wider picture, exchange of ideas and experiences

what we ask

                                                                 why sustainability?
               can waste during production be minimised?
                          which material?         can energy usage during production be minimised?
     is there an organic material alternative?      who is going to use the product?
will the design have aesthetic longevity?                      
         is the product durable?                                        what is the market for the product?
               renting or service instead of a new product?         can the product be shared? 
                      emotional attachment                     
considering future generations
                                  climate change         growing population                    growing waste
                 does the product need batteries?               is the product variable?
                                         protecting the environment                how is the product used?    
                                          does the product fit many sizes or just one?                           
                   is the product hard wearing and repairable?                           
                                                            after use, is the product compostable or upcyclable?


what we teach

                                             design impact           
standards                                                                     materials
                   carbon footprint, certificates....                                      fabrics, natural fibres, dyes....
opinions                                                                  fast fashion
     viewpoints, greenwashing                                       slow fashion

                  best practice                                                                 
                  green fashion labels and success stories...                  
fashion futures
                                                                                                        new textiles developments                                     
service substitution
sustainable design strategies                         cradle to cradle
emotionally durable design                                                                  design for reuse, repair and recycling   
customers                                                         handmade and unique or less perfect?
                   organic lifestyle, LOHAs               
                                                                        organisations, NGOs, programmes