local international I

Professional development training and exchange program for fashion designers from Germany and Bangladesh focussing on sustainable fashion design strategies

In Autumn 2014, local international started as professional development training for fashion designers from Dhaka and Berlin. The pilot project aimed to raise awareness for sustainability, participation and fair trade within the fashion industry. Local production methods, sustainable design and production strategies, and cooperation on an equal footing were the main aims of this project.
local international started with two field trips: 

project phase I Dhaka Nov 2014     
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In November 2014, the six German participants travelled to Dhaka, where they, together with the Bangladeshi participants, visited textile factories, NGOs and companies that promote revived traditional craftsmanship and sustainable production methods. The group held discussions about international fashion trade currents, about working conditions of textile workers and attended workshops on natural dyeing and block printing.

project phase II Berlin Jan 2015     
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In January 2015 the six participants from Bangladesh visited their colleagues in Berlin, where the group visited a variety of fashion institutions and companies, met local sustainable fashion designers, attended the fashion trade fairs Premium and Green Showroom, and selected fashion shows at Berlin Fashion Week.

exhibition in Berlin, designtransfer gallery July 2015    
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Following the research stage and excursions, the twelve participants developed new creative design approaches to sustainability, participation, and fair trade. The project results were exhibited at designtransfer gallery during Berlin Fashion Week in July 2015.

local international II
Professional development training and international design project exchange for fashion students from Germany and Bangladesh focussing on sustainable design in the fashion and textile industry 

The second local international project started in October 2015, this time with fashion design students from Dhaka and Berlin. It was the first collaboration between Fashion Design Universities from Dhaka (BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology / BUFT) and Berlin (weißensee kunsthochschule berlin and Universität der Künste Berlin), supported by Goethe Institut Bangladesh, aiming to establish a network for international fashion design projects for students of fashion design in Berlin and Dhaka. After an official call for applications and individual interviews, eight fashion design students from Dhaka and 14 students from Berlin were selected as participants.

project phase I Berlin Oct 2015     
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In October 2015, the 8 participants from Dhaka visited their Berlin colleagues for the kick-off workshops in Berlin and 10 days packed with meetings, talks from key figures in the area of sustainable fashion and visits to shops, young Berlin designers, and sustainable fashion brands.

project phase II Dhaka Nov 2015     
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In November 2014, participants from Germany travelled to Dhaka for the second half of the local international workshops. In addition to classes about sustainable fashion design, the group visited NGOs who promote fair working conditions and who are specialised in crafts and artisanal textile production, such as the art of indigo dyeing. The participants also met big players in the textile industry, textile producers for well known European fashion brands, in order to research their approaches to fair social working conditions, sustainable production methods and ecology. 

exhibition in Berlin, kunsthalle am hamburger platz April 2016     
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The exhibition presented the results of local international 2015/2016.

local international III

Sustainable Design Conference in Berlin for fashion lecturers and fashion designers from Germany and Bangladesh

professional development training Berlin Dec 2016     
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local international III was a professional development training for fashion design graduates, postgraduate students and fashion design lecturers from Dhaka and Berlin, focusing on sustainability and fair production methods. From Dec 5th to 12th 2016, local international held its third training seminar, offering an introduction to sustainable fashion design, visits to Berlin fashion designers and sustainable fashion labels, and interesting workshops highlighting sustainable design strategies.

local international IV
ork placements in Germany for fashion designers

professional development training Germany early 2018
At the end of 2017, local international will host a residency program for fashion design students from Bangladesh, organised in cooperation with the Goethe Institut in Bangladesh and several German fashion companies.  As a continuation of the previous success of the first three project editions, in 2017, local international IV will focus its efforts on the practical/professional promotion of fashion design students and alumni from Bangladesh. The aim of the forth local international program is to give participants an insight into the European fashion market and sustainable design practice through an integrated work placement in a German fashion company, and to give them the chance to participate in a professional exchange with their German colleagues.