WORKSHOP Shibori and indigo dyeing, Rampur, Bangladesh. 2015

Since 2015, 48 fashion designers and fashion students from Berlin and Dhaka have been selected to participate in LOCAL INTERNATIONAL. In lectures and specialised workshops, the participants were given an insight into the topics of sustainability, fair-trade and design methods, in order to develop their own creative approaches, concepts, products and collections. Another important part of our work is visits to real production sites and meetings with NGOs, designers, artisans, workers and representatives of the fashion and textile industry in Bangladesh and Germany. LOCAL INTERNATIONAL has been invited to visit outstanding industrial operations and beautiful individual design studios: best practice examples in the area of sustainability.
Here is what we do:

WORKSHOP natural textile dyes. University of the Arts Berlin. 2015

WORKSHOP indigo hand printing. Rampur, Bangladesh 2015

WORKSHOP meeting young German fashion designers in Berlin. 2015

LECTURE by Magdalena Schaffrin, founder of Green Showroom. Berlin. 2015

WORKSHOP vegetable dye workshop at Aranya, Dhaka. 2015

VISIT public discussion about fair production in Berlin. 2015

VISIT hand loom denim production in Bangladesh. 2015

VISIT Berlin Fashion Week. 2015

 LECTURE by Ruby Ghuznavi, managing director and founder of Aranya. 2015

VISIT Freitag Taschen at Berlin Fashion Week 2015    

VISIT design department of YELLOW, Dhaka. 2015

LECTURE by Rolf Heimann, hessnatur stiftung, Berlin. 2016

VISIT industrial textile production in Bangladesh. 2015

VISIT organic and fair trade design + fashion boutiques in Berlin

VISIT jute carpet production in Bangladesh. 2015

LECTURE on sustainable fashion design by Prof Kate Fletcher, weißensee khb. 2016

VISIT BEXIMCO production plant in Bangladesh. 2015

SPEED DATING introducing fashion designers from Dhaka and Berlin. 2016

LECTURE on consumer cycles by Maria Electra Bertram, fairschnitt/femnet. weißensee kh berlin. 2016

VISIT hand loom weaving in Bangladesh 2015 

VISIT meeting a fashion designer at Beximco in Bangladesh. 2015

VISIT Berlin Fashion Week. 2015  

WORKSHOP zero waste draping with Natascha von Hirschhausen, weißensee kh berlin. 2016

VISIT talk by Bernhard Oppenrieder, CEO of Grüne Erde, Berlin. 2016

DISCUSSION about textile workers wages, weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. 2016 

MAKING PEOPLE HAPPY participants local international II. Dhaka, 2015